TOP10 Gold production funding
Then as now, gold is an object of desire

China is the world's leading sponsor of gold. Australia and Russia follow 2018 as the world's next most important gold producer. The worldwide production volume was around around 112,6 million ounces or 3.502,6 tons. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

South Africa

The South African country has long been by far the world's largest gold producer. At the end of the 1960 years, production was twice as high as the rest of world production combined. However, inventories dwindled over time and gold mines had to search deeper and deeper for less gold. Since 2007, China, and no longer South Africa, has become the world's largest producer of gold. In the year 2018 South Africa comes only to ninth place.

The largest export countries

In the year 2018 Switzerland exported the highest value by volume in terms of gold. The Swiss Confederation exported gold goods worth more than 54 billion euros. Although Switzerland, like Hong Kong or Great Britain, are not producers of gold, these are large importers of unprocessed gold from the producing countries either for reasons of re-export or, as they further process this, for example to gold bars or jewelry.
1. Switzerland: 54,2 billion €
2. Hong Kong: 31,5 billion €
3. United Kingdom: 26,9 billion €
4. USA: 17,2 billion €
5. United Arab Emirates: 13,3 billion €

TOP 10 the biggest promoter of gold (2018)

# Country Quantity (in million ounces) Global market share
1 China 12,9 11,5%
2 Australia 10,1 9,0%
3 Russia 9,6 8,5%
4 USA 7,1 6,3%
5 Canada 6,1 5,4%
6 Peru 5,1 4,5%
7 Indonesia 4,4 3,9%
8 Ghana 4,2 3,7%
9 South Africa 4,2 3,7%
10 Mexico 3,7 3,3%

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