TOP10 the largest exporters of forklifts
The forklift as an important tool in the warehouse or at a construction site

Germany is the world's largest exporter of forklift trucks. China and the US follow in 2018 just after the world's most important forklift exporter. The global export market totaled around 17,4 billion euros. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

The biggest companies

The largest company in the production of forklifts is currently Toyota Industries. In terms of sales in 2017, the Japanese company is ahead of its two German competitors.
1. Toyota Industries Corp (Japan): 8,8 billion
2. Kion Group (Germany): 8,1 billion €
3. Jungheinrich Group (Germany): 4,25 billion €

The largest import countries

In the year 2018, the US imports by far the largest quantity of forklift trucks and forklift parts in terms of value.
1. USA: 2.554 million €
2. France: 1.234 million €
3. Canada: 877 million €
4. Germany: 875 million €
5. Netherlands: 870 million €

TOP 10 greatest exporters of forklifts (2018)

International Trade Center (ITC).

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