TOP10 Export cherries by country
The cherry trees are naturally native to much of Europe, Anatolia and Northern Iran. Turkey is the largest producer of cherries, but not the largest exporter.

Chile is the world's largest exporter of sweet cherries suitable for direct consumption. Hong Kong and the United States follow in 2018 just behind as the world's major exporters. The global export market totaled around 2,6 billion euros. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

The highest cherry consumption per capita

The Turks, who have the world's largest harvest of cherries, eat the largest amount of cherries in the world on average per person, year-over-year. Iran, as important as an agricultural country, follows in second place.
1. Turkey: 2,7 kg / year
2. Iran: 2,3 kg / year
3. Russia: 1,1 kg / year

The largest import countries

In 2018, China and Hong Kong exported and imported the largest volume of sweet cherries suitable for human consumption. These came in the value of 1.104 million euros directly to China. Another 707 million imported Hong Kong, but exported at the same time cherries worth 549 million almost exclusively left to China without having its own cherry acreage.
1. China: 1.104 million €
2. Hong Kong: 707 million €
3. South Korea: 138 million €
4. Germany: 136 million €
5. Canada: 104 million €

TOP 10 largest exporters of cherries (2018)

International Trade Center (ITC) - Export.
International Trade Center (ITC) - Import.

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