TOP 10 Nigeria export products

TOP10 Nigeria export products
The seafront of Nigeria's largest city Lagos

Nigeria is economically currently known for one thing only: oil. The most important export product for the OPEC member in the year XNUMX was indeed crude oil with a gigantic share in the total exports of the country in the amount of more than XNUMX%. Total exports amounted to XNUMX billion euros (XNUMX). Click here to get directly to the TOP XNUMX!

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa

Since 2018 has Nigeria South Africa as the largest economy has now been replaced. The whole is measured by the nominal gross domestic product, which in addition to the real growth by other ... CONTINUE READING

TOP 10 French companies by sales

The ten largest companies in France after sales 2018 with TOP 10Table and explanation.
The Parisian business district La Defense in the background of the Eiffel Tower

The oil company Total was France's top-selling company in 2018. Close behind is the insurer AXA and in third place the bank BNP Paribas. Overall, a mix of several industries is among the ten largest French companies. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

AXA Group

The insurance group and financial investor is France's second largest company in terms of turnover. The company is currently the world's third largest insurer, with a focus on Western Europe, North America and the Asian region. Globally, Allianz is the world's second largest insurer immediately after the leading Chinese ping ... CONTINUE READING

TOP 10 Brazilian companies by sales

This is an overview of the ten largest companies in Brazil in terms of sales. velvet TOP10-Table.
São Paulo, the largest and most economically important city in Brazil

The state oil giant Petrobras is clearly the largest Brazilian company. The oil giant is followed by two major banks Banco Bradesco and Itaú Unibanco. In total, three resource companies and three banks are within the top ten companies in Brazil. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!


The state-owned oil company Petrobras is Brazil's largest company, both in terms of turnover and in terms of company value. Petrobras produces oil, operates its own refineries and has its own filling station network in South America. The company is targeting an annual oil production for 2019 of 2,8 million barrels per year.



TOP 10 Colombian companies by sales

TOP10 Company of Colombia by sales and value
Bogota, capital and one of the country's economic centers

The oil producer Ecopetrol is the most important company in Colombia in terms of both sales and evaluation in 2018. Overall, there are several industries in the top ranks of Colombia's largest companies, but overall with an eye for the oil sector as well as several large financial investors invested in numerous companies and industries. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!


Ecopetrol is the most profitable and valuable company in Colombia. It promotes and refines the vast majority of Colombian oil not far from Venezuela and also operates a service station network in South America. The group is one of 25's largest oil companies and one of the four ... CONTINUE READING

TOP 10 Companies of Finland by sales

TOP10 Finnish company 2018 by sales
Helsinki, the capital of the Scandinavian country

Nokia is still Finland's major player. Nowadays the company manufactures fewer cell phones, but rather internet and mobile technology, for example in the field of 5G. Overall, with regard to the business sectors of the country, it can be seen that the paper and wood industry has a considerate high status besides the communication technology indusry. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is the third largest Finnish company in terms of turnover in the 2018 financial year. Like its close Finnish competitor UPM-Kymmene, Stora Enso is one of the world's leading paper and wood processing companies. The founding date goes back to 1288, which is why some consider the company as ... CONTINUE READING

TOP 10 Companies of Poland by sales

TOP10 the largest company in Poland 2017
Warsaw, capital and most populous Polish city

The petroleum processor and petrol station operator PKN Orlen is the most important company in Poland. Overall, oil and gas traders dominate Poland's leading companies in terms of turnover, but the retail and manufacturing sectors are also present. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

Jeronimo Martins Polska

Retail giant Jeronimo Martins Polski was 2017's second largest company in terms of sales. The Polish branch of the Portuguese company is called Biedronka, the largest supermarket chain in Poland, and the drugstore chain Hebe own. The discount store Biedronka operates more than 70.000 branches in Poland with its employees over 3.000 ... CONTINUE READING