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Probably the most important feature that distinguishes us humans from the vast majority of animals is the ability to be aware of ourselves (self-confidence). Only a few animal species, such as some monkeys, are able to recognize themselves in the mirror.

China is the world's leading exporter of glass mirrors. The US and Germany follow 2018 as the world's next most important exporters. The global export market totaled around 5,9 billion euros. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!


The history of the mirror goes back very far. It is believed that shallow bowls of water were used as natural mirrors. The first artificial mirrors - without the natural reflection of the water - are currently located in Mesopotamia about 4000 before Christ, where polished copper formed the mirror surface. In 2000 before Christ, large-scale bronze mirrors were produced in China. However, the first glass mirrors as we know them today were only mentioned and described by Roman historians from the first century AD.

The largest import countries

In the year 2018, the US imported the largest volume of glass mirrors in terms of value. It brought goods worth nearly 0,9 billion euros in the United States.
1. USA: 860 million €
2. Germany: 829 million €
3. Japan: 332 million €
4. Canada: 296 million €
5. China: 293 million €

TOP 10 largest exporters of mirrors (2018)

International Trade Center (ITC) - Export.
International Trade Center (ITC) - Import.

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