TOP10 Export of cut flowers by land
Bouquets and floral decorations are usually missing at no funeral or at weddings

The Netherlands is the world's leading exporter of cut flowers. The South American countries of Colombia and Ecuador follow 2018 as the world's next most important exporters. The global export market totaled around 7,6 billion euros. Click here to get directly to the TOP 10!

Export World Champion Netherlands

Commercially sold flowers and plants, especially tulips, has been a big business in the Netherlands for over 400 years. Tulips are as then popular ornamental and gift flowers. The multicolored plant, which once found its way from Turkey to Europe and the Netherlands, provided 1637 with the world's first known stock market crash - the "Tulipmania", in which just five tulip bulbs were traded the equivalent of a chic canal house.

The largest import countries

In the year XNUMX, the US imported the largest volume of cut flowers in terms of value. It brought goods worth nearly XNUMX billion euros into the United States.
1. USA: XNUMX million €
2. Germany: XNUMX million €
3. United Kingdom: XNUMX million €
4. Netherlands: XNUMX million €
5. France: XNUMX million €

TOP 10 largest exporters of cut flowers (2018)

International Trade Center (ITC) - Export.
International Trade Center (ITC) - Import.

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